2020 Stories:

 Sawdust and Solitude

Man of Many Talents

Ann Bassett and the Wolves 

Fact or Fiction - What's in a Name

The Wild Life of Amos Bennet

Craig's Unsinkable Molly Rink

Fire hits the heart of Craig (2018 Favorite)

Lady Cosgriff (2018 Favorite)


Stories this Year will be determined by the Volunteer Performers


2019 Stories:

A Tribute to a Pioneer Newspaper Editor

Augusta Wallihan, "Get the Picture"

Big Ed Johnson, What a Man

David Moffat Died???

Fact or Fiction - The Game Show

Maud, The Valley Sweetheart

Murder in Moffat County! Revisited from 2018

The Armory That Brought Craig Together

                        Revisited from 2018

The Luttrell Barn - Let's Meet at the Barn

2018 Stories:

Clovis "Bud" Harper, WWII - Some Gave All

Dr. Lion J. G. Clayton, A Doctor in the 1800's

Fire Hit's the Heart of Craig

Joseph R. Flack, Best Loved Guy in Town

Lady Cosgriff - The Spirit of the Cosgriff 

Moffat County Fair - How It Got Started

Mrs. Teagarden Tells The History of Craig

Murder in Moffat County

Phil Leckenby - Battles His Arch Enemy

The Armory That Brought Craig Together

New Story Possibilities for 2021

Midnight Grand Theft Auto

Buster Brown Comes to Life

Craig Ghost Walk

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